How to recognise a gen 2?

I just received my WD Elements Play and to my horror realised it was a gen 1.

I’m gonna return it to Amazon, but how do I know when I order a new one that it’s a gen2?

Check the part number. WDBMCExxxxHBK is NTSC Gen2.

Thanks. It’s the PAL version I need though. Is it safe to say boxes with the WD on the left hand side on the front panel are gen 2, and boxes with the WD logo in the middle are gen 1?

Yes, that’s correct:

Gen2:  “WD Elements” on the front left.   Gen1:  “WD” in the middle.

Gen2:  “HDMI  / DTS 2.0+ / Dolby True HD” Logos on top / right,  Gen1:  HDMI logo only.

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