How to Receive "Medici.TV" via WDV TV Live - World's Video Streaming Subscription Service

Presently I own a WD Live TV media player and I can not access streaming Media service “” World’s Largest Classical Music/ Video Streaming Subscription Service.

The only way I can access is by using GOOGLE TV; a small box which has a browser incorporated and I can log on to and feed via an HDMI cable.

I spoke with Medici and they suggested I write to WDC and it should be a very simple matter on WDC’s part perhapse via a Firmware upgrade.

In the world of Live classical media streaming “medici” are without any reservations the “TOP”  

if you want official support, then I suggest submitting this as an idea so that WD can look into adding it

besides that other round about ways, is to use a media server that’s able to access that site,

maybe twonky or something similiar

I have tried to post as a suggestion to WD but I have not been successful.  The WD web site is very confusing and seems to discourage any suggestions.

If you know how to make this request to WD, please write to WD to create access to

This subscription site provides access to live concerts, operas, classical musical festivals from more than 10 of the world class orchestras like New York Philharmononic, La Scala, Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic, and others. has Apps for Tablets and Smartphones (but a small screen and tinny audio does not cut it) and also if one has a Samsung Smart TV one can access directly.  All other TVs have to use a media streaming box; which uses Adobe Flash for videos.  Like I said in my original e-mail I am using Google TV media Streaming Box; which has a built in Browser and Google Chrome via which I log on to this site.

My request is that WDC consider this as a request to incorporate this site.


I posted the IDEA such that WD could include as one of the internet channels.  The IDEA/Request was appeoved for voting and ther it sits since July 17.

I presently use Google TV a small box which has a browser incorporated and I log on to via Google Chrome and feed in to the TV via HDMI cable.  The arrangement works fine, but I find it a bit cumbersom.

Oh well I though by incoirporating as an Internet channel in to WD TV  box would enhance it its value.


So I suppose this issue has been “solved” by WD refusing to enable live streaming of Very disappointing. Hope someone at WD will inform me if this changes.