How to really switch-off WDTV Live Hub Media Center?

Hi there

I’ve just bought 2 months ago this wonderful NMT, and so far so good, except one pending issue:

  • when I switch-off the the hub media center, still the optical output is active (red light behind) and also the USB plugs, as I can see the attached HD blinking & feel they are still running when I put my hand on their covers.
  • Same thing for the Hub Media Center by itself, I can feel its own internal HD running despite having switched it off.

I have downloaded & successfully installed the last firmware, so would you know any tip to fix this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help.

That is the point of it though, its supposed to stay on so you can share videos on a network.

I don’t know why your Hard drive is flashing though.

But if you really want to switch it off, just hold the power button down for >3 seconds. But when you do that it will have to redo the media catalouge every time you start it up again.

Press and keep pressing the button on the unit, if the unit turn off and then on again press and keep pressing again the button, after a bit the unit will turn of definitively…

Thanks both of you for your replies, I will try them on my NMT as soon as I get back home by this late afternoon:-)

Don’t call it an NMT.  That’s another brand.  :)

All you need to do is hold the remote power button down for more than 3s and the device will turn off COMPLETELY.   You don’t have to put it in standby first.

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Thanks a lot !