How to read Total bytes written on 1TB SSD

Using Linux:

Read the smartctl data using
smartctl -Ax

At the end of the output something like this comes…

Device Statistics (GP Log 0x04)

0x01 0x018 6 255445147 — Logical Sectors Written
which is in number of sectors (look at the sector size at the top of the smartctl)

Now this is the same as 121GB (for 512 bytes per sector )
Surprisingly (coincidence?) I see the same value in the LBA_Written
241 Total_LBAs_Written ----CK 253 253 — - 121
This value is supposed to be in 512 byte sector sizes but unfortunately this reflects GB written (non standard compliance ? IMHO)

I am using a M.2 casing here … in case of directly connected to motherboard, if the LBA size is different this might be different …

I still cannot understand why Wear level is
233 Media_Wearout_Indicator -O–CK 100 100 — - 107
107 for only 121GB written on a 1TB disk ? What does this 107 represent ?

Happy to stand corrected if what I presume up here is wrong !

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