How to re-use Purple HDD from ReadyView unit?

I bought the 6TB 4x4K ReadyView system, after about 7 months of trouble, back and forth with their technical support I gave up on it ever working correctly. A few months back I found an alternative from which is infinitely better, I’ve been able to move the cameras over to the Camect solution, but I would also like to re-use the 6TB Purple HDD from the ReadyView system in my PC.

However, when putting it into a PC the drive either stalls the PC’s boot up sequence, just completely hanging the PC when using one of the SATA ports in AHCI mode, or if I attach it to a Intel chipset controlled RST ports of my desktop PC, which is a bit more sophisticated, it informs me that the drive is “Locked” this seems like a BIOS based lock.

Is anyone aware of any solution to unlock the drive to use it on a PC? I totally expect to format the drive, so I don’t need the data on the drive.

are you using it a “Boot Drive” or an additional storage drive in your Desktop PC ?

if “Boot Drive” i would try to completely reformat it deleting all partitions to prepare it

and make sure your Desktop PC supports UEFI for booting from Large Hard Drives

In all three cases (I tried two PCs, and in fact different SATA ports Intel vs Marvel on one of them) the machine already had a boot drive that was working fine, so this was only a secondary drive.

In both cases where the WD drive was connected to an AHCI configured SATA port the machine froze during boot up, noting of course that it was only a secondary drive.

In the case were the WD drive was connected to an Intel RST enabled SATA port (while still not the boot drive) the machine indicated that the drive was locked, and then it didn’t show up in either Computer Manager, Device Manager, or any of the WD tools.

There’s no problem with the machines supporting UEFI. One of them was even Intel’s latest 11th Gen desktop.

In both cases there is a BIOS option to enable the SATA ports for Hot-Plug (I also tried with Hot-Plug disabled), so using this option I can boot the drive and then attach the drive, even then it fails to be recognized, and hangs when you call up tools like Computer Management’s Disk Viewer, so I can’t format it.