How to prevent the mycloud admin person from seeing other person's share folder dataa

Is there a way to prevent the mycloud admin person from being able to browse other person’s smartcloiud share folder data?
I can remove the admin access to the other person’s share folder but of course I can always re-grant the access so this is not sufficient to prevent access.
Is there a way smartcloud can encrpt the data as it is stored so even if the admin person(me) grant’s themselves to the other person’s smartcloud backup share that the admin person cannot view the data since it is encrypted by the other person?

No, you can’t encrypt the data. All you can do is remove the admin account’s access to that share. As the admin, you are in control of the settings. As long as you add a password to the admin account, no one else can login to the dashboard and change the settings.

Thanks for your response.
Is there a very good way to pre-256 bit encrypt the folder with the files either with WIndows 10 itself or some software that can be installed to encrpt/files the folder being backed up by Smartware Pro (to either the EX4 or Dropbox)?

You can’t encrypt through Windows since the drive in the MyCloud uses a LINUX EXT4 format. You would have to look at LINUX options for drive encryption, which WD does not support.

What I am looking for is a way to pre-encrpt the files on Windows laptop’s drive and then use SmartWare Pro to then backup the files “as is” to mycloud or dropbox.

I believe Smartware cannot backup encrypted files.

Not sure why you were thinking maybe Smartware would not backup encrypted files since it is just data in folders/files. I normally choose in Smartware to backup by selected folders/files and not by file type. Maybe if I backed up by file type it may not find the encrypted file is what you mean.
I was able to use Veracrypt to create an container file with encrypted files and Smartware pro was able to back up the container file to the mycloud EX4.
Veracrypt seems to have good reviews, not sure if there is anything better folks would recommend, but it seems to work pretty well.

I use veracrypt too. I dont use smartware though because it is so slow. I use files from the nas itself and you can use the container (veracrypt) as a any directory.

Thanks. I like your idea of just putting the container on the nas (wd myloud) and tried it and works fast; however, I would like to have another remote backup of the container(s) with versioning of it as well. The mycloud appears to have three services that can be used for this: Elephant Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox, so from mycloud ex4 which backup service is best to use for: versioning ability, cost, speed, reliability and accessibility etc.? Right now there is just one container of 1G in size and would like to keep a few versions backed up. Amazon S3 appears free for 1 year with up to 5G, Dropbox is free up to 2G, Elaphant drive is free up to 2G as well. I am not sure if any of them do versioning, so we could recall different versions of a container file but I would hope so.

Just using an external usb drive?

1.I am looking for a way to backup certain critical shares to a remote cloud backup location. Is Amazon S3 a good one? I registered for amazon S3 but I have not figured it out yet since it seems confusing.

2.Also, do you know a way to remotely access and mount Veracrypt volume on the EX4 remotely as a Windows drive with Windows File explorer like I do at home?