How to prevent the metadata fields (Plot etc) from displaying

Is it possible to prevent the metadata fields (Plot etc) from displaying on the overlay when viewing folders and for that matter when viewing video files  in Gallery mode.

When viewing folder, they do not contain any data, so displaying the fields is just messy and no value. If I could remove them when viewing video files in Gallery mode, then I could display my own Moviesheet, by editing the .xml file and not have the fields overlaid on top.

Thanks in advance.

Yes it is possible. Just remove text="@@overview" found in "rv_gallery_browse_page.xml" which controls how videos look in GALLERY VIEW.

See the post here:


<text x="254" y="172" w="970" h="42" text="@@browse_text" fontsize="40" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" speed="1" delay="2" />

<text x="254" y="252" w="380" h="20" text="@@year" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />

<text x="645" y="252" w="580" h="20" text="@@genre" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />

<text x="645" y="286" w="580" h="20" text="@@director" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />

<text x="254" y="286" w="380" h="20" text="@@totaltime" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />

<text x="254" y="320" w="970" h="20" text="@@actor" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />

<text x="254" y="358" w="970" h="80" text="@@overview" fontsize="18" numlines="3" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />

<image image="@@metadata_left_arrow" x="57" y="518" w="39" h="53" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100" />

<image image="@@metadata_right_arrow" x="1180" y="518" w="39" h="53" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100" />

<image image="@@favorite" x="390" y="217" w="23" h="21" align="hcenter" />

<image image="@@rating" x="252" y="217" w="124" h="21" align="hcenter" />

(Thanks goes to Tinwarble) Who is the author of this information.

Thanks, most helpfull - will look at tonight.

Note:   Vistawall’s suggestion will prevent *ALL* metadata display, even for the movies themselves.

If I understood your question, you want to prevent the display of those fields only when you’re selection is on a FOLDER.

There is no way to do that.

Thanks for Clarifying, and that was my starting point. But thinking about it, this would enable me to use my previous movesheets, that I use for my orginal WDTV Ver1, which I am quiet happy with and have made over the years for all my movies. Will think further. Thanks