How to play movies in my pictures folder?

I’m new to the live hub and I’ve searched FAQ and KB but I’m still stuck so please forgive my noob que if the answer turns out to be obvious/simple.

On my PC I have the usual folders of My Music/Pictures/Videos etc and the hub plays them all individually fine. However, for an occasion that I have taken both pictures and video, for simplicity of keeping the files in one place, I save the relevant folder in My Pictures. Now when the hub routes to Pictures all it sees is the pictures and not the videos. I’m assuming in order for me to play these videos I’m going to have to move them all into the My Videos folder and hence split up from the pictures that accompanies the event. Is this assumption correct? I don’t wish to split up each event which has both pictures and videos because of the obvious hassle of navigating all over the place to view media taken of the same event. Any alternative ideas welcome. Thanks

Did you not try and go to the Videos section ?

The Hub will show them at that section.

Tried that thanks.

The problem remains the same i.e. the Videos section only plays videos if they are in the My Videos folder  (pictures in the same My Videos folder won’t show either) In other words it looks like pictures need to be saved in My Pictures folder and videos in the My Video folder and you cant have a mixture of both. Surely splitting same event but different media between these two folders should not be neccesary?

Just found the answer…route via the Files menu and it shows and plays different media fine from within the same folder.

Now onto my next problem…playing media recorded from my Sony camera using AVCHD/.mts  The sound plays for a short while then gets out of sync and then the sound ceases altogether. Tried converting to .ts using tsMuxeR software but the problem persists. If I can’t self solve I’ll start another thread. Cheers