How to play Blueray movie 38.3 GB from Hard Disk on WD Live TV

Hello everybody, Hope someone would help me out.

I have downloaded a movie which is 38.3 GB contains the following folders.



These files are located on WD Hard Disk 2TB. My WD Live player is connected to the TV via network.

In order to play the movie I choose the folder STREAM and chose the large .m2ts file to play the movie.

Under STREAM the following files exist. from (00000 to 00009)

The file 00000 with extension .m2ts is 37,114,812 KB. I clicked play on this file and it lasted for 18 seconds and stopped.

How can I play the movie on WD Player.

Awaiting feedback from the experts. Many thanks.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the WDTVlive can read the structure of BD discs. You’ll need to convert to a .mkv file.  has great free software for the task.

You are wrong. The LIVE will usually play  the largest m2ts without problems.

I have the same problem with file m2ts in a movie of 45Gb in directory Stream…my wdtv live has the latest firmware 11/2010… today I’ll istall the version 12/2010…

The WD TV can play the m2ts files of a blu-ray. However, if you play just the largest m2ts file, you will watch the main movie, but you cannot access the chapters because the chapter info is in the other, smaller m2ts files. The menu item ‘chapter’ will not show up on the WD TV menu (by pressing OPTION). The software makeMKV solves this problem. If you process the m2ts files with makeMKV, the resulting MKV file will contain all chapter infos, and you can select chapters by the WD TV menu. If a file begins to play correctly, but stops, it’s probably corrupt.

I had this same problem too… Anyone can advice

Think I got it right this time.

From the stream folder, just press the play button. (Do not go into this folder to select the m2ts file)