How to play 10-bit h264 media files on WD TV

Hi, more and more anime media files are coming out on 10-bit, I understand that the present WD TV can handle 8-bit and not the 10-bit. Has anyone tried the new format, if yes what’s the result? Will WD come to the rescue with a patch?


I doubt it… The chipset probably doesn’t support HP@5.1 which is what 10-bit is.

Get “ANY VIDEO CONVERTER”, and convert them to 8 bit MP4 format.

Honestly, I do not understand why people can not have the right to choose, and they must have an imposition of a format which can only be reproduced by a player and nothing else.

I am not at odds with 10bit, but it seems that no software house has done anything to support playback of it … ^^

So, why still mess with it ? Explain it to me, please. Because, if I want to see an anime through my WD live Hub on my 55’ TV screen, I have to convert it before… ^^