How to password-protect WD Elements after formatting for Mac?

I have a WD Elements drive that I had to format for Mac per instructions. I want to password-protect the drive now after putting secure documents on the drive. But formatting the drive made it lose WD Smartware and Drive Lock/Unlock. Also, when I try to run WD Security in my Applications, it doesn’t find the drive. Seems like a Catch 22-- you format the drive for Mac and can’t get security back on it because of the new format.

  1. Go to Finder and select your WD under device

  2. Right-click the drive and select Encrypt

  3. Choose your password and provide password hint

  4. After some time your drive will get password protected.

This is a simple method to encrypt an external drive using Mac’s Finder. You can also encrypt using Disk Utility or Filevault. Never loose your password otherwise you won’t be able to access your external drive further.

Thanks so much!

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