How to password protect only certain folders

how do you password protect only certain folders or users on my local and non-local network?

once logged into my cloud app on a phone or network dvd player, all files public and private are avalable, I want to block some users but not others from certain folders/files, or atleast an entire user account.




Through the dashboard of the device, you will be able to allow or deny access to the different users that you have created.

So, when you create a new share folder, just allow the permission to the users that you want to see that folder.

I did that, but it only let me choose “public” or “private”, and even though I selected “private”, all filders come up when the device is acessed via my wi-fi dvd player and phone, ipad apps… all folders were available without password security… I just want the “public” folder to be available. The only password I’m asked for is for the phone, ipad app to acess the device, and then all folders/users can be acessed.

I can’t speak to your phone, but on your dvd player is it accessing the My Cloud via DLNA?

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  1. Set multiple user accounts to access special folders

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I saw this on other forum and past into my txt (I think, sometimes I have to use it). Any help for you?

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