How to partition new wd black 500 gb mobile hard drive -sata 6 2.5 " internal for acer 9410-2597

Is there a website where i can get step by step instructions for installing the new drive.

The image cd loads, then an error appears " no partition available."

I still have the old hard with winows vista installed. This drive has many bad clusters, hence

the new drive.

I can put the old drive back if needed.

I could attach the new hard drive as an external on my other acer laptop.



A recovery image CD will not work with a new hard drive. You need to either clone the recovery partition of your old hard drive into the new one, or use a full Windows installation disc.


Thanks for putting my post in the proper area.

I was able to format and partition the new hard drive by attaching it externally. After the format using Disk Management on Windows Vista. I then installed the new internal drive and using my acer recovery disk, to bring the laptop back to factory default. The process finished and indicated success. Unortunately, when I clicked  restart, i get a black screen with a flashing white cursor at the top left and that does not go away.

If i have to buy a new operating system, perhaps windows 7, do i need to do anything else with the new drive?

I would like to try and fix this myself, rather than taking it to a computer repair shop.

Is it possible to get instructions on how to clone the recovery partition from my old hard drive to the new one?

My old hard drive when inserted still works and is Vista Home Premium. I am replacing the old drive because it has a lot of bad clusters and i am surprised that i was able to recover it to factiry default.

Your advise wold be appreciated.



You can clone your hard drive using Acronis True Image WD Edition:

A clean Windows installation disc with format the hard drive for you and guide your through the installation process. However, you will need to make sure your hard drive is detected in your system BIOS before attempting to purchase a Windows licence.

Hi the  acer recovery disk should work fine unless it is damaged. See if it willl write a new copy of the recovery with the old drive in you know programs /acer recovery. I know most only let you write one copy but some of the newer ones lets you write 2. So with new hard drive installed boot from the acer recovery media and start the recovery process give the disk a clean up first with a light cloth.