How to organize my videos?

Please forgive me for being a noob :slight_smile: But I bought a WDtv Live Hub recently, as an alternative to having a cable subscription. I’d like to use it mainly for movies and TV shows. I have the basics down; I’m able to load videos on there from my Macbook via the shared network. I just can’t figure out how to organize everything. I  noticed that I can’t have the dashboard and queue feature (which I like) without the media library turned on. But from what I can tell, the media library **bleep** at categorizing. Everything is just grouped by genre (comedy, reality, “unknown”). I’d like to separate TV shows from movies, and THEN it would be fine to filter by genre!

Also would be nice to separate TV series by seasons. I believe this is all possible if I just use my own folders…but again, would love to use the dashboard/queue feature. I’m not sure why the WDTV is designed this way. It’s not very intuitive :confused:

I’m clearly not a very technical person, I just have high expectations for an organized library! Is this possible? Any suggestions on this (and how to make the most of this box in general) would be much appreciated!

I just got my hub a week ago and reading this forum for hours on end to me was a great source of ideas and knowledge.

What I can say is that a lot of people are using moviesheets which I’m taking the plunge into tonight. Read up about moviesheets and see what you think, there are a lot of posts about it.

Based on the moviesheets I’ll be sorting my movies into genre folders as many other people have and have the media library turned on.

Thanks for the response. I have heard of moviesheets, but I thought they just had to do with the way each video’s info is displayed (background image, etc). Is there a simple guide to them somewhere? And would I have to create them or download them…and for every video? What I want is to do is categorize my videos something like this:







Modern Family

Season 1

Season 2

American Idol

Season 29

Music Videos

Etc. Etc.

…my indentations didn’t show up on here, but hopefully you get the idea!