How to organize my movie and tv episode files for best consumption by the WDTV Live player?

I am so frustratred right now…

I have all my movies and tv episodes stored on a network share and also exposed in a Media Library.  The movies are mostly in the top level folder directly.  The exceptions are those that are related - all of the StarWars are in a single folder, for instance.  All my TV series are in folders by series, then subfolder by season.

The WDTV Live player just doesn’t seem to have a mode that handles those folders in what I think would be the most logical way.  I want to have the player immediately (without having to navigate into a folder first) show all my movies. At that same level should be the “icon” for the TV series and the movie collections.  I expect to have to navigate into those folders to see the individual movies, or into a season folder to see the episodes in that season.

No matter what view or filter I have enabled, I either see tons of extra folders that I have to unnecessarily navigate through, or else everything seems to end up as a single flat top level folder, complete with 100’s of TV episodes with no organization at all.

What is the recommended way to organize and then view/filter a large collection this way?

Thanks in advance!!!

I’m no expert as I only bought my WD TV SMP a short while ago but found myself in the same position as you. After trawling these forums I found the recommended file structure to be based around categorising your films via genre. My file structure is:

Public Folder

                         - Shared Videos

                                                      - Action

                                                      - Adventure

                                                      - Comedy

                                                      - Crime

                                                      - Drama

                                                      - Fantasy

                                                      - Etc Etc

With the films placed inside the relevant genre folder and for series of films I have a folder inside the genre folder ie Die Hard

                - Die Hard 1

                - Die Hard 2

                - Etc

I know it’s not quite what you wanted as you were looking to minimize tiers but this was the easiest, and most pleasing to the eye, way I found.

Hope this helps