How to open the Hub? Stupid question

Hi guys, my WD TV Live Hub is not turning on, so from what I’ve read in this community we need to open the hub and fix the problem by taking off/ twitching the external on button or the fan.

My question is, how do we open the hub? Because I dont see any screws or clips to open it. Help guys, thanks a lot for all your help.

To open the hub, you need to pry the top cover through the sides starting from the back corner using a hard thin plastic. If you notice, the back corner of the hub’s side has a little opening. Insert a hard thin plastic on that side and slowly pry all other sides. Personally, I’ve used a cover of a pen to pry my hub open. You can also use a flat screwdriver but it is not recommended because it will surely scratch your device so plastic material is needed for not to scratch your hub. If you can find a plastic material similar to the tip of the screwdriver you can use that. I’ve read in other post that long fingernails can do it to.