How to move MOVIES from external HDD to WD HUB?

I have an external HDD with about 500 GB of movies and picture on it after plug in USB i can see all files there but i have no idea how to copy movie to movie folder on HUB? please help me

thank you much

Read the manual

It’s best to do this in two steps. One with the WD Hub and one with the PC.

  1. SYNC the files (copy them automatically to the WD Hub), or leave Sync OFF and copy the entire folder (propeties->MOVE)

  2. PC->Windows Explorer->Network->WDTVHUB

  • use Windows Explorer on a PC to finalize any changes such as adding directories and moving files into them

*If you simply use Windows Explorer to copy the files from the attached USB hard drive it will actually copy from the USB drive to the ROUTER and back to the WDTVHUB instead of moving directly from the USB drive to the hub. If you use the WDTVHUB’s remote and tell it to copy or move the files they won’t go via the network.

Once a file is on the WDTVHUB’s internal drive you can use Windows Explorer to move things on its hard drive just like any other USB hard drive.

i use to move files  from pc->NetWork->WDTVHUB but speed only 8MB/second and now i try copy (70GB) from  external HDD(with fast speed USB3) to WDTVHUB(may take 2 hours to finish)?

thank you much