[How To] Move large volumes of data within MyCloud

How do you move large volumes of data (100s of GigaBytes) within Mycloud device from one share to another? 

  • If you use mapped drive or FTP, this is going to take forever.

  • You have the option to use WD PC application but that’s just not usable for me. (No multi-select, folders won’t list sub folders in the viewing pane, unpolished UI etc.)

One Solution:

One easy solution is to enable SSH and use WinSCP (or any other UI based SFTP application) to do this. I use WinSCP and it takes a fraction of a second to drag and drop giga bytes of data between shares or folders within the device. 

If you are an experienced Computer/Linux user, you already know this, but thought posting it here to help normal users just like me :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing,

Please note that doing SSH on the drive will void the warranty and is not supported by WD.