How to move data on old hard drive to new hard using acronis true image wd

Hi, this is a super simple question that seems to have no straightforward answer.

I’ve purchased a new (larger, 1T) hard drive (my old hard drive is about 500 G)

All I want to do is copy all my data to my new drive so I don’t have to reinstall my operating system to get all the benefits of a new drive. 

I have an external hard drive.  Do I first acronis true image wd to CLONE my old hard drive to my external drive, then remove the old drive, install the new drive and then copy the clone to the new drive?  That doesn’t seem to work because the recover operations of acronis true image wd looks for backup file, not a clone.

So what do I do?  chose backup and not clone?  

Hi, for the steps follow the link below.


Thank you for sharing. However, the cloning stopped after reboot and the last entry of the log states Locking partition C:…

The migration method metioned in the post / manual is not available for me. I could not proceed further to move all my data to the newer drive. The newer driveis empty.

I am trying to migrate the old drive (80GB) to a newer drive (160GB) with Win7 64bit Home Premium and Acronis TrueImage WD Edition build 14,184.

Could  you assist?

Thank you so much.