How to move a share onto USB Drive

I’ve attached a USB drive to my WD myCloud that is running out of space. Can I move an existing share to the new drive? If so, how?

Create a new folder on the USB drive and simply copy the contents of the Share from the My Cloud to the new folder on the USB drive.

If you are moving a large amount of files then its best to either use SSH to initiate the copy from the My Cloud to the USB drive, or use one of the WD programs, software, apps to do so. If you attempt to use Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer to copy a large amount of files to or from a USB drive attached to the My Cloud the copy process will be, for the most part, very slow. A similar question was asked a few days ago were copy methods were discussed. May want to see that thread.

Doesn’t that just create a copy of the data on the USB drive? I’d like to free up space on the internal drive, so want clients to reference the USB drive where they currently refer to the internal drive.

Of course it creates a copy of the data from the Share to the USB drive. Once the copy is done, delete the files from the My Cloud Share once your sure all the data/files have been copied over and in the directory structure you want it to be on the USB hard drive. If you SSH into the My Cloud you can issue a move command (mv) rather than a copy command. It is also possible one or more of the WD apps/software/ user portal may allow for moving the files versus copying the files.

Once the original has been deleted how do you get the existing backups to continue working with the share in the new location?

Change the backup location in the backup program (if the backup program supports doing that).