How to mount My Cloud 6TB with Dlink DNR 202L Camera Video Recorder?

I try to mount the new purchased WD My Cloud 6TB to my Dlink DNR 202L for those video surveillance clips storage. May i know how to connect them together and let Dlink DNR 202L to see WD My Cloud 6TB as the storage drive? Thanks.

The MyCloud is not a local USB storage device (Which is what the DNR 202L needs) , it is designed to be networked storage, the USB ports on the unit are are for incoming data only.

You could be better off returning the MyCloud and either buying 2 3TB hard drives and 2 USB disk enclosures or a WD Elements which IS USB storage , then plugging those into the DNR202L.

Have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

The following comes from the User Manual for the Generation One My Cloud, Chapter 12.

Connecting a USB Hard Drive
Overview, Connecting A USB Drive, Mapping A USB Drive (Windows Only) Creating a Shortcut to the USB Drive (Windows only) Overview When you attach a USB drive to the My Cloud device’s USB 3.0 expansion port, it becomes a network drive. Now the USB drive has the following capabilities:  When you connect an external USB drive such as a My Passport™, a memory stick, or a camera to the My Cloud device, you can access it with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.  The USB drive can serve as a target for backups in WD SmartWare, Windows, or Time Machine.  You can map the drive as a user share drive (Windows) or an alias (Mac).  If a WD external drive has been locked, when it is attached to the My Cloud device, it maintains that security and can be unlocked or relocked using the Dashboard.  You can attach a powered USB hub to the external USB port and attach up to seven USB devices to the hub.

Look at the following for more information and links to the User Manuals.

That’s incorrect. The My Cloud Mirror is NOT USB storage. It’s a NAS just like the My Cloud – it just happens to be a dual-disk version.

Correct , updated with the right info.

Thanks for the comment. May i know any WD NAS solution can support Dlink 202L directly? Because i do see some models such as My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS come with Milestone ARCUS Surveillance software. That means i can leverage this build in software to store the video clips from Dlink IP Camera within the same LAN network.

That question might be best asked in the MyCloud EX2 Forum , although some members here have several models of MyClouds.

I was looking on the Arcus developers web site , it ‘may’ be possible to add it to the MyCloud by using SSH and the hack that lets you add apps to the 1 disk MyCloud , but I’m not sure it’d work well, plus it’s licensed (currently free) through WD for inclusion in only certain types of their (more expensive) NAS.

I don’t know how you’d get hold of a copy without buying a license per camera.

Thanks for the comment. That’s what i’m thinking and see any possibilities to align the same way to integrate with My Cloud Single 6TB similar to My Cloud EX2 Ultra which has the build-in My App to support Milestone ARCUS Surveillance software. Then, i can leverage My Cloud 6TB as the storage to support my Dlink Camera.