How to mount my book live from a raspberry pi

I’ve been messing with this for about 2 weeks, researching a wide array of sites, blogs, faq etc, still not having any luck. I’ve found that wd doesn’t support direct access to alexa, but there are a few skills which use streaming apps that can and one such software, mymediaforalexa will run on pi. the problem is, this app doesn’t access networks directly. on a windows machine it’s easy enough to map a drive and then have the software index that mapped folder. on pi it’s a bit harder. all the pages I’ve read and all the changes I’ve tried, including re-flashing the sd card so many times i’m confident i’m wearing it out and still cannot get results. one question is, what files system does this drive use that needs to be told to pi? in windows, any user can simply navigate to the drive and access the public folder, not so easy in cli nor in configuration files. every instance I’ve tried, nfs, cifs, smb all give various errors which I wont include here as it’s clear I need to start w/ ''what file system do I tell pi to use?" any help or directin is greatly appreciated.
ps. I’ve seen various posts in various places in which someone decides to ask why don you use rather than answering the question. in this case, i’m using a pi zero which has 1 data port and that is going to be used for the network connection only in a headless application. thus I need to do this this way or have the sd card larger than I want to use.
that said, it would also be nice to be able to have this software (or alexa) directly access the wd dlna service or twonky, but that seems like a stretch.

sd cards are cheap … and you can re-flash them 1000’s of times.

i would suggest keep trying with the sd cards … because from info on the Official Raspberry Pi Org … Raspberry Pi Zero don’t support booting an OS from USB

USB mass storage boot is available on Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, 3A+, and 2B v1.2 only.

To install the My Media For Alexa there’s a simple guide on that website … (the guide is using Rasbian Stretch, so have that setup first and then the my media for alexa guides should look exactly the same.)

thanks for the input. i suppose i should have noted the sarcasm of wearing out a card.
also, i should have specified that i’ve used the mymedia page, that isnt the issue, and that i’m using a zero for this approach. mostly because i have a few and since i only want to do this for this purpose only and nothing else, i should be able to use a 4gb for this, it seems a waste to use my new 4b for it or the zero w or the 2b+, especially since i have other plans fot those. i also have tired using a large enough card to hold my music on the sd and may end up going that route, but ito take a card that i have other plans for when i have all this music on the wd already and should be able to access via these means seems like a waste.
thanks tho.

what sarcasm ? :confused:

i simply stated that SD Cards can be flashed many many times before they will cause a problem.

Anyways, best of luck sorting it out. Bye.

sorry, i meant that i was being sarcastic, tho i have 2 cards broken maybe from heat(?), but i dont want it to happen to a 128 or 256, so i’d rather find this out and do it once and have it last.
thanks for the well wishes too.