How to mount an nfs share

On the WD Sharespace

I have shares enabled as nfs with public access enabled (ie no share permissions required)

I have nfs enabled

I have the IP address of the linux box in the “permitted access” box

I also have CIFS enabled, and can use the shares from Windows boxes

On the linux host

I use this c/l

mount -t nfs -v  xxx.xx.51.200:/nfs/testshare /mnt/test1

I get this response:

mount: RPC: Remote system error - Connection refused

testshare exists

/mnt/test1 exists

case-sensitivity matches.

Any ideas?



I have also created NFS share: (dun) on my WD Share Space (it’s IP:

then I allowed all IPs:

i.e. I have indicated “*”

and then I am trying to mount (in win xp Win NFS client):

mount W:

but getting message Network Error -67  (The Network name coud not be found).

Is my sintaxis correct?