How to Mark viewed videos and episodes

:confounded: I have WD TV and an ext 1TB WD HDD hooked up to my TV. Can anyone advise me if there is anyway in which I can indicated either complete videos or Tv Episodes which I have previously viewed. I sometimes return to a series and forget which episodes I have already viewd. Any help will be appreciated.

If you’re using the Media Library, that feature already exists.

Hi Tony, not sure about what you mean. All my media si stored on a WD ext HDD.

Understood.   But your content source needs to be set to My Media Library.


I’m not sure, but I think Tony12345 means:

Your USB external HD is shown in “My Media Folder”…

If you have selected one of your file folders, in “My Media”, and  you have watched it, click on “Options” scroll down to the “Stars” and mark the movie with one.

I think…(?)

Ok, I’ll give it a try and get back to you with result.

It is not possible to “manually” mark a movie or tv episode as “watched”  (there is no “option” button menu selection for this) … it’s an automatic feature

But, you need to have the “Media Library” set to “ON” to enable the “Watched” icon

When using *Network Shares* you need to add them to “My Media Library” press the RED(B) button on your Remote Control.

Here is the result … (the Half Circle Icon aka. Watched Icon is now visable)



Thanks very much yo all of you, I’ll work on it and let you know.
Where do I find the Kudos *?


Sorry I mislead you on marking… Below you will find how to send kudos…  Be signed in and just click on the star box…

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Nice job on showing “how”…  Learned something again…!

Thank you JoeySmyth for helping me solve my problem. It works just fine.

Good to hear, thanks for your feedback :smiley:

Unable to add Kudos as I can’t seem able to click on *. If I could you’d get 5*.

PETaffy wrote:
Unable to add Kudos as I can’t seem able to click on *. If I could you’d get 5*.

:smiley:    PETaffy i appreciate your thanks …

but you can only add one Kudo per post  (ie. the post above where i thanked you for your feedback … you could, if you wish click the Kudo’s star there … or here in this relpy)


As I explained in my earlier post you have to be “signed in” for the “star” to accept a kudo… Are you sure that you are signed in???

I have tried enabling this, but mine does still not indicate which videos have been watched…?