How to mapdrive my share folders remotely using SSH

I need a simple step by step procedures to know how to map drive my share folders remotely, I’ve enabled SSH on mybooklive 3TB

It will be great if anybody have snapshot for how to doing this 


Some google resuts…

I need to mapdrive mybooklive folders to access them remotely without using WD2GO 

I’ve tried this steps but it’s not working with me :frowning:


take baby steps… 1st make sure you can ssh to your drive from anywhere on the internet. Setting SSH means you have to setup the users, their home folders and your router. All of it has to do with Linux basics and commands. Nothing with the MBL. The MBL has Linux OS underneath.

Once you get all of the above configure, then try mapping a drive via ssh, as specified on the links I provided.