How to manually enter DNS?

My WD TV Live Streaming box (WDBHG7000NBK) is running the latest firmware (2.03.20) and connects to the Internet via wireless connection (DHCP).

I currently have my router configured to connect to the ExpressVPN servers (WAN connection configured for L2TP, username/password, & server IP), meaning all devices on the LAN are using the VPN service. Everything works great – our devices can access the web, and our TV’s can all access blocked Netflix & Amazon Prime Video content.

The only problem is the WD TV Live Streaming box. It can connect to the web just fine but Netflix won’t connect (“cannot connect to Netflix” error). After speaking with ExpressVPN they said I should be able to get it working by simply adding their DNS servers to the network settings.

How do I do this? I do not see any way to edit the current wireless settings to add custom DNS entries. Do I need an older firmware to be able to manually add DNS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So if you’re using DHCP, what DNS server does your DHCP server (presumably, your router) tell it to use?

In most cases I’ve seen, the router will use itself as the DNS server, and you’d set the router’s DNS to point to ExpressVPN’s servers.

But if that’s not possible with your setup, you’ll have to switch to using Static IP instead of DHCP for your WDTV

Thanks for offering to help. All devices use my router for DNS ( However, my WD TV Live Streaming box is the only device that will not connect to Netflix (no matter how many times I reboot it or factory reset it).

Is this issue related to the firmware, & would installing older firmware fix this?

I honestly don’t know. I haven’t used my WD TVs in almost three years now.

This post is AGES old – but it might explain what is going on. Depending on which API the WD TV uses to access NetFlix, it could explain why your other devices aren’t suffering the same issue.

I’d love to try an older firmware but have no idea where to look. My alternative is to junk the WD TV box & replace this old TV with a newer smart TV.

Well if all you want to do is use paid services smart tv might be good enough. But then there’s Kodi. :slight_smile: