How to manually back up iphone


I was wondering how to manually update iphone. When I use auto it puts all the pictures in one file. I would to them different files (years, dates, vacations)

I was thinking if I move the backed up pictures from the current files, on auto, It will re- back up the same pictures in the original file, since I did not delete them off of my phone.

Thank you Carla


What you are asking about is file management, and My Cloud app is not able to do this. This requires user to understand the file management of their computer and use that system to arrange their files the way they want them.

For example, I back my iphone photos and videos to a folder named New Uploads, I then move the files in there to folders I have already created (one for photos and another for videos. You can create many varieties of folders to arrange things the way you prefer. Next time I add new uploads, that folder is again empty and I then move them to my own folders. Using file sorting feature of computer will help you get the job done.