How to manage WD Security on a computer with multiple users

Hello, just installed a new WD My Passport 5 TB drive and its software (WD Discovery, Drive Utilities and Security) on a Win 10 PC. I set up the drive and WD Security using an administrator account. I want the disk to be available to all users of this computer but be locked when it is taken off the computer.

When setting up the WD Security, I chose the unlock automatically (where it displayed also the specific user name).

I then logged in with another user, a non-admin one. The disk seems to be available to that user too which is a bit counter-intuitive given the fact that the setup explicitly mentions which user it should be unlocked to. When I click the WD icon in the taskbar and its Apps tab, the Security and Drive Utilities apps show an button “Install”. This seems to be very strange. Why don’t I see here that the apps are already installed? When I try to start either of the apps from the desktop shortcut, they do require the drive password before allowing me to do anything, which is of course good.

But why is there a user name mentioned when setting up the Security and then the drive is anyhow open to any user on the same computer? And why can’t I see the apps installed using a non-admin account? What would happen if I tried to reinstall here.

Perhaps relevant: I was not able to install these apps from the Discovery interface. The progress bar stopped somewhere at 80 % (numbers not available though). It seems to be a common problem judging from question on different discussion forums. I downloaded the apps from WD site and installed directly. No error messages during the install, so please don’t suggest reinstall as the first solution. :wink:

Hi @kissel,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: