How to manage users space allocation and child stored data

As i purchased new cloud device but not getting how to manage users space ?
how to configure on local network?
also not able to access data stored by other users on cloud?

The My Cloud home is not a traditional NAS>

You cannot manage other users space. Each invited user will get their own private storage space on the my cloud home. You cannot set any quota for this private user space.

The My Cloud Home uses DHCP IP provided by the router it is connected to. You cannot set a static IP to the My Cloud home. The only way to access the private user space is to install WD discovery and sign into your My Cloud Home account. This will mount the private user space of the signed in user as a drive on the computer.

Only the singed in user can access the data stored in their private user space. For sharing each user has a default family folder. This is used for sharing between users. Any user on the device can see all data that is in the family folder. Any user can add data to the family folder.

But I purchased this cloud as believed and confirmed by the supplier this will do the same. also we are not able to share cloud on LAN now please suggest me what have to be done

it seems that you can’t really manage locally. You have to do on

You also cannot set any quota for users, i find this ridiculous.