How to make theme from stratch

how do you start

since you already did the skinned Joey’s Alaska theme to create TMNT theme, I’m surprised you ask

easiest way is

  1. come up with a concept

  2. download stock theme files

they can be found here

note - smp specific but should still work

or you can extract the default theme from the HUB GPL code, but they should be same as SMP

  1. start changing xml and images (this can be simple or complex depending on what you want to do)

– this can be a tedious process depending on how you do it

– you either test every value change but loading your modified theme, or you try to determine x,y and other values in photoshop or another similiar program

– on the hub you can reload individual xml’s easily by replacing the xml

then leaving that page, and then returning to it, for the smp this simple reload can only be done with custom firmware

in my mind the most important thing is comming up with a concept and then determining if the hub/smp will actually support any navigational processing changes, etc …

if you’re not actually trying to change functionality, just layout, that is much simpler

Modifying graphics is the easy part… Modifying XML (if you are not familiar with it) is the slightly harder part.> Here’s a WD Theme Guide which covers basics>> Everything else KAD posted is what i would recommend also.> Also, i would recommend reading as much as you can in this Theme Forum as there have been lots of questions of the years and lots of answers and information posted.> Starting at the last page of this forum is a good starting point.>

well i just wanna do the layout but i guess i already know cuz of my reskinned tmnt but im trying to learn how to do it all. Thanks for the info.