How to make my primay not working windows 7 hard disk external data disk?


how to make a no longer bootable disk a data disk; I mean a device accessible for reading (the already archived documents)/storing data. From my experience if I just connect it via an external usb enclosure my actual windows 7 installation will not detect it and data will be lost because of the two conflicting boot disks interaction! Thank you.



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Its not longer bootable because of corrupted OS?

There shouldn’t be any problems using it as external storage device via USB, just dont configure your system to boot from USB devices or set the actual OS disk to be the first boot option in BIOS.

If you plug the disk via USB after the OS has loaded it should appear just as another volumen and you’ll be able to see everything from OS files to your data. Just like plugin in a USB flash drive.

Hope that helps you.