How to make front pictures on hub and the wd live

Hello there…

I have the Hub and the Live, and they both stream from my nas…

I find the movie info with the hub, and then I will also use the cover picture in the live…

I have read that you should put a “.” in front of the cover. jpg, so they don’t beeing shown twice in the live…

Put when i out a “.” in front of the cover.jpg, then they are not shown correct on the hub ?

If you put a “.” in front of the name of:




they will be displayed normally on the HUB *EXCEPT* in the gallery view.

In the gallery view, they will NOT show up in the large icon in the upper left of the view, only as thumbnails along the bottom.

Okii so no way to do this ???

So no way to do this ??

I think some of the movies are shown correctly on the HUB, and also on the WD TV 

No way to do what?

so there only are shown 1 file, on the wd tv “and not 2 like the real .jpg and movie”

but still re shown on the wd hub ?

Can see in the hubgen cover program, there are buttom called hide jpgs ??

I just told you how to do that!

Tony as of the latest firmware which  most don’t like it will show the large icon in the upper left in gallery view even when you .jpg your thumbs. This really helped me cause I run hub and live pluses. This made the pluses really full of jpgs wife had a hard time figuring out which ones was the iso so I created a playlist on each hardrive that was at the beginning of the list. Now all that is fixed I am able to use .jpgs for both players

Plus the playlists are completely fixed I don’t like the way the thumbs browse in gallery view they are a bit slower and everytime you move to a new thumb it refreshes all the thumbs on the page but the tradeoff for me is worth it right now