How to make a WDTV Live work, that I just bought, that doesn't


Looking around the internet, it seems like theres tons of ways to update you WDTV Live, legal and not so legal. 

The question I’m hoping to answer is, if I bought a WDTV Live that the previous owner labeled “…I went to update, and got a powercut, and now it doesnt do anything!”, how do I get it to work?

In most software, it would just be as simple as download software to it, as it’ll just be a harddrive inside. but I just wondered if anyone has done this and had good news. 

If so, I’d very much appreciate your help! 

I’ve plugged it in, and inserted a USB key in the front, but as the firmware isnt working, I guess thats why it wont see it.


If the media player is turning on and you can see the WD logo you can try the steps described in the link below.

WD TV firmware update failed, WD logo is frozen on the screen, or unit requests a USB device with firmware to be inserted