How to lock external drive that is 50 miles away?

That’s it- I can’t figure how to lock a drive to which I don’t always have immediate access, hence cannot unplug/replug. Also, it’s supporting a Win server that can’t suffer random reboots. I found a brute-force way to do it in device manager, but it would be great if the WD software could handle this- does the Pro version do it?

Unfortunately, WD does not offer a remote encryption utility at the time of this post.

With the “Pro” version, are you referring to WD SmartWare? If so, the upgrade will allow you to back-up your files into non-WD USB hard drives, but it will not add additional encryption features.

However, if this is possible via 3rd party applications then more information related to the interface of your unit (USB, Ethernet) and your operating system will allow for other board members to better help you.