How to know the RPM of a hard drive?

I usually opt for 7200RPM hard drives.  While purchasing my new WD Caviar Green 2TB (WD20EARS), I could not find any specifications which indicated the RPM value.

Can you please help me knowing the RPM of this drive?

Hi it is a 7200 rpm drive but it has the new IntelliPower so it goes from 5400 - 7200 rpm (variable) depending on what you are doing it will auto adjust the speed.

Thanks for the info.  Is there any official technical link/article on IntelliPower concept?  I am new to it and didn’t see any such feature in Seagate drives yet.  I want to know the advantages/disadvangates of IntelliPower.

Hi well they are not saying much about the rpm of the drives just that it is a 7200 rpm drive but will go to 5400 rpm. You are buying a green drive so cutting the rpm to the drive when its not needed would save power not much hehe but thats about all they say.