How to Integrate My Cloud with Active Directory

Anything specific to Active Directory like adding a MyCloud device, integrating domain users?

The MyCloud Gen1 and Gen2 NAS boxes both use samba as the daemon to host windows file shares.

If you dont mind getting your hands dirty, you can jump headfirst into controlling the nitty gritty innards of the box using the ssh remote terminal. Integrating the NAS would be essentially the same as integrating a samba share on any other linux OS.

Fair warning:
It’s involved.

Naturally, WD does not intend for the majority of users to ever attempt something like this, and as such, will probably want to steer you away from it. I dont have an AD server floating around to play with, but if you really have a need, by all means, dig in and tell us how it goes.

Thanks, I was afraid it had limitations and allergies to Microsoft Networking.

You might have some difficulties with Gen2 devices, because persistent changes to certain system files requires… cleverness. (In their infinite wisdom, WD decided that the full linux they were using on the Gen1 was too heavy, and that they should use an embedded busybox hosted from an initial ramdisk with a runtime mounted read only cramfs container containing extra important system stuff was the way to go, because users would have a much harder time breaking it. this means that in order to make persistent changes, you need to basically hijack the device and make it do what you want yourself, and work around all those protections. This might pose significant problems with reconfiguring samba in the deep ways outlined by their guide.)

Gen1 devices should be more straight forward, but I dont have one of those, sadly.