How to install transmission bittorent client on MyPassport wireless?


you are lucky
but how will this help the device owners community? ))


If someone needs support, they could ask. It is possible to do for an intermediate / advanced Linux user. That’s what my comment means.


That’s cool!
But I (linux newbie) searching manual like this:

That’s what my comment means ))
Not sure that compiling of firmware is solution )))

But anyway thanx, now I know it is possible )


What do you want to do? Send me a prv msg


I would like to install transmission on my MyPassport Wireless Pro. Has anyone done this without the need for compiling or cross-compiling?



I could give you support on this. Send me a PM with email address and I will send you the files.

Do you have Linux OS knowledge?



Hi aelorenzo,

Could you give me support too? I do have Linux OS knowledge. By the way I couldn’t find PM button here. Where will i do that?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @conanturk and @kanylbullen, no problem. Contact me, send me a PM.


Where is it? There are no contact and PM here.


Hi @aelorenzo

I think you are so busy… :frowning:


Click on my alias and send message with contact info.


No, there is no something like that… maybe i have no permission. I don’t know. You could try for me?


Is it possible to install on MPWP any graphics shell? Desktop versions of *nix looks like Windows ))

I’ve just installed ResilioSync, and it works perfectly.

So I want use MPWP at the limit of possibilities :wink:


Dear Aelorenzo
Would you please let me know how i can compile my passort wireless source code in ubuntu?
What it needs?


It’s really not helpful to say “Done” without saying what you did… And it’s also not helpful to people in the future (like me) who also want to know how if you just offer to PM or email your details.
It would be really helpful if you just posted it here on the forums, for everyone to see.


Would either of you be able to share your completed findings on how to accomplish this?

Thank you.


For everybody who wants to have transmission in MPW. I could send you the needed files. So sorry for the delay. I will try to upload them somewhere and share the link. Please, post here if I don’t upload the file in 3-4 days. Just to remember me to do it. Right now I don’t have the files.