How to install transmission bittorent client on MyPassport wireless?


I found out my passport wireless is running Linaro linux. how can I install Transmission bit torrent client on it?


Hi there,

I have not tried this since it is not supported, Lets see if another user can share some tips or information on this matter.


can you report

cat /proc/version

if if’s 3.10+ we can expect to get docker sideloading any applications from hdd.



I am using BTPD with web interface and it runs silently and without problems. Just look for a precompiled ARM version.


It is possible. But you would need to access your Drive via SSH and upload some Files. If you want Transmission to start at Boot Time you would need to change some config Files, too.

BTW, its not Linaro Linux. Linaro is the Toolchain the Buildroot System was compiled with. Its a custom made Root Filesystem made with Buildroot.

One possibilty would be to download the Source Package of the Firmware and add Transmission to the Package Selection in Buildroot and then recompile Everything.

But its really not easy to create the Build Environment and it would rather be an Overkill just to get one App.

Or just download the Source Code and cross compile it for Arm. There are most likely some ready made Binary Packages for ARMhf Architectures. You would only need to upload them with SSH.

If really none of the above is an option then just write again and i’ll see if i can prepare a package for you.


I am using a ready made Binary Package. Things are good now. Where can I find the firmware source code? I have Installed window n linux on the hdd to dual boot and an exfat partition for storing files. I am unable to access the exfat partition in hotspot mode. and I am unable to update the firmware as it says no disk space. I want to look at source code of the firmware.


Hi @necktwi & @kuruptor,

Could you share your binary package or just give me any clue about where to download it? I have noticed that my BTPD precompiled client is quite slow.

Thank you in advance!



Is it the Program itself or its Download Speed, or both? The only thing i could give you would be Transmission.

Which Drive do you have? Original OS?


Hi @kuruptor,

Yes, original OS.

The BitTorrent client loads perfectly, and I guess it has a normal process execution speed, but I think takes too long (hours) to find seeds for the torrent. The same torrent file in a desktop computer find seeds just started.

The binary that I am using was compiled several years ago.


Download speed is really good, once it finds seeds…


I have my passport wireless (normal version).


Which Firmware Version do you currently have installed?


Last one, 1.07.02.


I’ll be back home this weekend. I will compile the newest version including all Dependancies and have them ready for you.


Thank you very much @kuruptor, I really appreciate it!

I downloaded the buildroot for the firmware, but right now I dont have a linux computer to compile it. Also, I don’t know how to proceed to compile a valid firmware for the MPW, I will try to setup a linux computer in the future, but it will take time for sure…

Thank you!


Try to run linux in a docker container on windows maybe It could do the job, I can share some instructions

pm me your email I will assist you


Thank you @rzrfreefr!

I have to tune up a Linux server. It looks like I have missing dependencies to compile the build root.


Yes, i encountered the same Problem(s). Of course i expected to install some Dependencies, but in this case it was sometimes not just something missing but a special Version requirement, too.

Im Sorry that i havent sent you the Package but i haven’t had the chance to get home, yet.

But i hope i will have some time tomorrow.

BTW, the Buildroot Package from WD has some Scripts included for Perl. But the Syntax is not compatible with the recent Perl Versions. Installing Perlbrew doesn’t help, because the Scripts are looking for it with an absolute Path. But changing the Syntax of the Scripts is pretty straight forward. Those Scripts are mainly for the Bootloader Compilation. So, give me a message when you reach there.

P.S. Which Distro are you using? Which Version?

Although Buildroot should take care of the Compilation Toolchain, you will still need to install a Cross Compiler. Otherwise it will fail compiling the Bootloader.

It would be too much to list all the necessary Packages now, so just write a message when you encounter an error. I will most likely remember its cause and be able to give you a hand.


Working on it…


Done! I compiled my own firmware and everything works nicely. Thank you for your help!