[HOW TO] install PS3NETSRV on MyBookLive

PS3netsrv stream PS3 Games/Iso thought your gigabit network to your PS3, usefull if your BD reader is dead.
the application listen on port 38008
the applciaction accept all device on netwrok (

Credits and thanks to howens, unbas

Download and Copy ps3netsrv in /usr/bin/ folder:


Start ps3netsrv:

ps3netsrv /shares/PS3GAMES/ 38008 your-PS3-IP

PS3GAMES/PS3ISO >>> put your ISO games in this folder.
PS3GAMES/GAMES >>> put your JB games in this folder.

Can someone help me in Autostart or script init?


Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this information with the community, hopefully this will help other users, but remember this is not supported by WD so any issues with this procedure will be at your own risk.

What can i do to automatic start ps3netsrv?


solved here : Ps3netsrv on my cloud for Playstation 3 (ps3)