How to install MySQLi on gen1

Looking for help installing the myslqi addon on the My Cloud gen1

Does MySQLi support 64k page file size that the gen 1 v4.x My Cloud uses? If not then it most likely won’t install or won’t run properly.

The 64k page file size on the v4.x first gen My Cloud is what causes the problem and why its difficult to run standard Linux apps/programs on it.

What ever you do, do not issue an apt-get command on a 4v.x first gen My cloud unless you absolutely know for sure what you are doing. Numerous people have bricked (rendered unusable) their v4.x first gen My Clouds after issuing an apt-get command.

One may have better luck dumping the My Cloud OS and installing a clean OS like described in the following thread:

yea i already managed to brick it once so not trying anything like that. i just remember a lot of talk about people creating the packages with 64k page file sizes and hoped someone knew if they already have one.
Think a new OS is required at this point, as i mainly use the device as a small test webserver and not getting packages is a real pain.

Adding MySQLi extension or even PDO requires some upgrade to the existing packages which may render useless if done wrongly. You have few options:

  • New OS as described previously. But if you chose the 64K page size memory, you still need to deal with 64K packages.

  • Chroot, there’s limitation to this, google it. Also it’s cumbersome to manage so I gave up.

  • Upgrade the packages then include MySQL extensions. I opt this option because of the optimal speed from the official firmware. I’m running my site on it 24/7 since mid 2014: Server: nginx/1.10.1, CGI: PHP-FPM v7.0.11, DB: MySQL v5.5.52. Look for my post if you’re interested.