How to Install my WD World Edition Drive?

I just bought this drive on ebay and I have no idea how to get it to work. It didn’t come with any software. I did hook it up to my wireless router and it shows up as a shared drive but I can’t do anything with it. It seems like I need some initial software to get this going. I can’t seem to find the right software in downloads. Can someone refer me to what I need?

And yes, I am using a mac with  osx lion.

type the IP into your web browser(ex. IE)

You will find all what you need to start there :


There is no clear link on which software to download for the mac. 

Every software available seems to be accessory software. I am looking for the software just to get this drive recognized so I can password protect it and then begin storing files on it.

The IP of what? The drive? Where can I find that?

in your router

I am still not sure what you exactly mean. I tried putting the ip address in my browser but nothing happened.

I have the  MBWII installed on my network which includes an Acer Aspire 5920G and Advent 4211-B, both running Windows 7 (32Bit) and the software works OK on both of them.

When I try to install the software (on the original disk) on my new Acer Aspire 5742 running Windows 7 (64 bit) I find that the softweare starts to load OK but all the click boxes are empty. This makes installation impossible.

Any ideas how to proceed? should get you to the gui portion of the mbw device. you get the ip for the mbw from your router.

Did you find a solution for your problem ?

The easisest way to setup the MyBook World edition with the Mac is to directly connect it to your Mac over ethernet.

  1. Disable AirPort in your Mac. And power off your MyBook

  2. Connect an ethernet cable between your Mac and the MyBook

  3. Power on the MyBook

  4. Open Finder and wait for the MyBook to show up in the devices list on the left side and remember the name

  5. Open Safari and type the name of the MyBook NAS followed by .local (default: MyBookWorld.local) in the address bar of Safari

6. The webinterface of MyBookWorld should be loaded

  1. Enter admin as username and admin as PW

  2. Configure IP Address Settings and shares for your needs 

  3. Power off the MyBook and place it in your network -> done