How to install 'My Book world edition' onto Windows 7

HI, have been given a WD My Book World Edition by my cousin a good year ago and never needed to use it. Just run out of space on my PC and trying to install it now. THe disc that came with it have drivers for windows 2000, XP and Vista 32 but I am running windows 7 Ultimate-Can someone point me to the right direction how I can install it to work.

Thank you very much

You don’t need drivers.

See if you can find what you need here 


If the disc you said you had contained drivers for Windows 2000/XP Home/XP Pro/Vista

That would mean you have a legacy product

This one is not compatible with windows 7

Im sorry but it may or may not work. The newer version works with win 7

Is it 32 or 64 bit Windows 7? If your cousin registered it have him log in and look in restricted downloads and see if there is anything there. There may be a newer version than your CD.