How to install DSM on MyCloud GEN2?

Ijust see the page .
But the handbook is too Simple. i can‘t boot my cloud plugged the USB-Flash.
1.Could everyone tell me the means of “Unpack”. just unzip it and copy to flash driver?or some flash tools like Burn disc?
2.DSM via webinstaller ? what is the webinstaller ?
maybe anyone can give me a link to download it.
:slight_smile: Cloud any one teach me how to install DSM?
i’m just a beginner of mycloud/nas.
email:[[DELETED -Privacy]]


hi Fox,
Are you the owner of the
Cloud you tell me the details of it?

Unpack = Unzip / Extract to root folder of USB-Flash.
Also you need format your USB drive to Fat32 (NTFS not supported).

Web Installer = Web GUI = Web site (http://wdmc.local or IP address of your WD drive)

For now - its not fully worked. Need fix few things. Its “Alpha” build - just for test.

I follow your steps 1-4, but i can’t access my WdmC. LED flashing quick
firmware 2.21.111