How to install an HGST 4 TB disk install in a PC with i5 processor and Win 10 Pro

I just bought an HGST MDL: HUS726040ALS214 because I made a mistake thinking the disk was a SATA disk instead of a SAS.
My question is if the disk will function well in my PC if I just buy and install a SAS to SATA connector to convert the disk and be able to plug it to my motherboard. My system runs on Win 7, but I will upgrade to Win 10 Pro. I also plan to have it as the primary disk besides of another SATA 2TB disk that is actually installed and running in my system.
Now, in case I can install my HGST disk as my primary disk, how do I have to configure the installation to be able to get the 4 TB
Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you.