How to install a Linux program on WD myCloud/ Busybox?

Since I’ve got the cross compile set up on my Debian Linux box. I find it very easy to build any thing I find missing on the gen1 or gen2. These are the programs that I’ve built to ru on the My Cloud.
What I want is the instuctions to test a new kernel without having to remove the disk to recover if it didn’t work.
gen1 programs
ar blktrace dpkg-repack e2label files gdb pv strace testgawk
blkparse debugfs filefrag gawk lshw readelf samba_multicall strings vmtouch

gen2 programs
dumpit find blktrace blkparse debugfs

I am surprised the kernels in the myclouds have debugfs support baked in…

Otherwise, thanks. I will bake and add to my loose pack. The loose pack is for people who have one-off needs, but dont have the skill or time to bake something themselves.

So far, I have baked bash, vim, foremost, testdisk, photorec, less, and ddrescue for gen2.

… I suppose, to avoid a certain infamous war, I should bake emacs since I baked vim… but meh. Personally, I perfer nano.

Why did you have to bake bash on the gen2. Was it missing features? I have always used vi.

nnn_mmmm requested it.

Some scripts will break without actual bash, so I can see it being potentially useful. It works. I tested it.

Great thread here folks! I can hardly wait until I have some time to try this on my Gen2.

The shell included in Gen 2 is a horribly crippled variant of bash called ash.

The vi included is even more horribly crippled. So thanks very much @Wired_w for compiling vim.

I was glad to read your explanation above about why it was so darn big ! ; -) The vi on Gen 1 works as I expect and is about 100K. (it must be using a lot of lib files that I 'm only vaguely aware of.)

Thanks again!!!

The vi on gen1 will probably work on gen2 just as well… If it is smaller, then you dont need that huge 7mb vim. (unless you somehow need all the really crazy scripting and other zaniness that vim can do.)

Personally, I like nano. Straight up text editor, nothing fancy, does what you expect it to.

I see, my posting hit a scratch.

I for my person am temporarily out, because this install is really a linux pro thing and I am not a linux pro (maybe not even internmediate). So I cannot contribute any further, here.

However, if there was a ready to fry solution one day, I would be very thankful.


Well, the MyCloud is a consumer appliance, built using BusyBox. It’s not really intended to be a general-purpose Linux box that you can just install any old package on. It has one purpose, and that is to be a NAS.

If you want to start using it as a general-purpose Linux box, you’ll have to learn some fairly heavy-duty Linux.

@Wierd_w : i made a /shares/Public/home/mm/bin dir on my Gen2 machine, copied vi from my Gen1 machine vi scp, set permissions for dirs and files as root:777/755 (as appropriate), I added /shares/Public/home/mm/bin to my PATH variable, confirmed it is there with echo $PATH and ls -l /shares/Public/home/mm/bin/vi.

When I try to use that program, as /shares/Public/home/mm/bin/vi OR any variant like ../../bin/vi I always get a message like -sh: /shares/Public/home/mm/bin/vi: not found . I do have a lot of experience with Unix and medium with Linux, but this on has me stumped. (I haven’t googled this issue, but will).

I know that busybox is a compressed file system with its own internal vi (horribly crippled, as a mentioned before), but if I can add an directory to PATH, I would expect that to override the Busybox versions. (I guess not?)

Do I need to do the Fox_Exe thing to get even these simple programs to work? It seems there have been several postings this week about how the WD_Crack is not working for some people :- / (Not your fault or problem!) but any ideas are welcome.


The error you are getting is vi trying to load a library that does not exist on the gen2. To get the gen1 version of vi to work on the gen2. Would require that you build vi and link it using -static. I’ve been using the gen2 vi and it does what I need. What I’ve also done is to copy my gen1 root filesystem to a usb. Then mount the USB ad chroot to it.
Then gen1 programs will run from the chroot.

I think you may want to use this, install a chroot in mycloud gen2 and enjoy your debian under chroot.
The Public folder after you chroot should be under /mnt/

Can you definitely comfirm, that you did the trick to install ffmpeg on busybox?