How to install a 4th HDD in MyCloudEX4

Insurted a 4th HDD in the last available bay in MyCloudEX4. All 4 HDDs are 4To RED Sata 3.I’m running all on RAID 5. My question is: Is there anything else to do than insert the 4th HDD in the bay? The Dash Board recognizes the 4th HDD but the LED from the 4th HDD on my Storage Unit is showing Red and Blue.


I believe you have to rebuild the RAID when you add another drive.

Take a look at page # 72 of the User’s manual.

I understand but I don’t want to change the RAID Mode and I’m in Auto-Rebuilt already.

Will I lose all my data?

Sorry I’m more of a novice…

My question is simple:
I was running MyCloudEX4 with 3 X 4To Red HDDs on RAID 5.
I’m adding a 4th 4To Red HDD and do not want to change the RAID.
Do I have to do anything else but insert the 4th HDD in my Storage Unit?
If so, can someone take me through the steps to get the 4th HDD running?
I did refer to the owner’s Manual like suggested, but nowhere is it mentioned how to simply add a 4th HDD.
For now, I took the 4th HDD out of the Storage Unit and it’s not useful on my desk…

Hi Guys I have the Same Situation here adding the Last Hard Drive in the Unit
I currently Have Raid 5 Auto Rebuild on and I want to add the Last Drive to the unit ( and just Expand ) my storage without Loosing all my Data ?
Someone has to know the proper way to do this but I Absolutely cant even get a straight answer From Tec Support.
This is extremely frustrating and I dont want to screw it up I cant imagine I’m the first to add drives to these units …
If someone can help I would be very grateful