How to Increase Partition Size?

I have 500 gb HD in a desktop with Windows Vista. It was partitioned by the mfr (Lenovo) to have 30gb as a boot drive. Now this boot drive is nearing capacity and i would like to increase its size. I still have plenty of capacity on the other partition. I tried extending the volume of the boot drive but it does not give me that option in the Disk Management tool. Can someone please tell me how to do this? Thanks.

(I also just installed a 1TB WD green second HD which I partitioned 50/50 using Vista’s disk management tool)

Use gparted-live cd but be warned that resizing partions with live data can be risky and time consuming.

You should always back up your data before doing something like this.

I’d recommend Acronis True Image as a solution for repartitioning the drive.