How to increase data transfer rate?

I have a My Book attached to the My Cloud Mirror. I am doing a simple copy from the My Book to the Mirror.  The transfer rate ranges from about 700-900KB/sec.  This is extremely slow for a USB3 connection.  Are there any settings on the Mirror that would give priority to this transfer?  There isn’t any other traffic on the network using the Mirror.

How are you doing the transfer, via a computer using its file browser (Windows Explorer or similar equivalent) or via the web file browser on the MCM dashboard?

If you’re using the computer’s software, then you’re transferring all of the files via your computer, and so you’ll get hit twice by any network latency (MCM --> Computer and Computer --> MyBook). But if you use the dashboard web file viewer (under the apps menu) then it should go directly and thus faster. 

The app itself is a bit archaic, but it does do the job. And don’t worry if your connection to the dashboard times out and it logs you off - the transfer will carry on in the background (although you can’t then monitor or change/cancel anything).

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You answered one of my concerns, I was thinking that using windows explorer would just tell the two drives to move data. But it sounds like it is doing the equivalent of transfering data from the My Book to my laptop (WiFi) and then back to the Mirror. Maybe not exactly, but it acts that way.  I will look at the dashboard again but under “apps” it said zero.

UPDATE: Found it under the Apps button at the top. Strange there are apps there but zero listed in the lower right of the display.

UPDATE 2: OK, figured out how to select all the files and do a copy/paste.  Would have been nice to have a “select all” function but it seems to be working. No idea on speed yet.

Yes I agree that it is very basic and could do with some improvement work, but it is functional. What you can do is make preparations using Windows Explorer to move things around within the same drive (that is quick if you’re just moving rather than copying), and then use the web file viewer to shift things between drives (or do copies, either between drives or within a drive).

It’s reasonably quick doing it that way, but it’s not lightning fast if you’re talking many GB or up to TB of data. I’ve done this with ~2TB, and it was about a day to do that.

I just did a copy from the external HD to the Mirror for about 200GB.  I left and came back 2 hours later and it was done. Even if it took the full two hours, that is what using Windows Explorer took for 3GB of music files. So, maybe 100x faster.

Update: I had another 250GB to copy and was at my computer when it finished…50 minutes.

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