How to improve 1MB/sec transfer rate

1MB/sec from 12 core workstation with 40GB of RAM and connecting directly to router.  I also tried to connecting to the hub that my computer is connected to.

I have a new My Book and had changes to RAID before use.  Then I started to copy a folder with 100GB.  It took more than 2 hours to copy 3.5 GB using xcopy.

I’d definitely be looking at your network…

First, make sure your PC isn’t connecting via WebDAV (search the forum.  Lots of posts about PCs doing that.)

I don’t have nearly that much horsepower in my desktop(s) but can easily get 30 times better transfer than you.

I’d be looking at bad cables, bad switchports, buffer exhaustion on the switch, etc… 

Do wireshark captures – see if there’s lots of retransmissions…

After further testing, I believe there are two problems

  1. The transfer rate is < 1/3 of my internal drive

  2. xcopy even with the /D switch still is overwriting files that have not been updated.  There is something messed up with the time stamp information on the device.  I’ve noticed something like it in limited cases on a few files on machines in vastly different time zones.


Have a look at this: