How to I upload files from MAC to WD 2go created from a PC?

I have a PC and I’ve ceated my WD 2GO account, users, folders etc. I need to upload some files from a MAC. I gave the address, user name, pasword etc. That person can only see a black screen after login in. The pop-up icon requesting permission does not appear thus he can’t open any shared files. How can a MAC upload files to my WD 2go?

Are the files loaded to the NAS?

WD 2go is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Check the links bellow for instructions on how to use WD 2go:

How to use a My Book Live running Software Release 2.0+ with WD 2go for the first time

How to create new shares for a My Book Live for use with WD 2go

How to access files on a My Book Live using WD 2go on a mobile device

I created an account for the MAC user to upload some files to MY BOOK that I have at home. He’s trying to access it on his MAC and once he reaches the page with the list of  DRIVES, he clicks the selected drive but then the list of shares on the drive do not appear. I read it take time to load but I think he can’t access it regardless. Does he have to deactivate the pop-up blocker option?

Try to make sure the security application or firewall is not blocking the drive.

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Thanks, actually it was the JAVA thing… thanks!